The spring has come!


Hello my dear readers!
So it's the first day of spring! The season when we feel happier just because the sun is shining and`the snow is melting. The season when we want to look our best! The body requires the same. Lets help ourself feel lighter, more energized and happy!
Here are a few rules I follow in life and nutrition. I'm sure, there is nothing new to You. Just healthy habbits that make one happier.
1) Eat only when you are really hungry! And just enough not sooth hunger.
2) Eat slowly, so the brain "recieves" signal that You are "fed" before You have eaten too much:-)
3) Drink plenty of water. Water speeds up metabolism. Glass of water before eating and a little tame your appetite a bit.
4) Remove all the unhealthy snacks from  refrigerator and cupboards.
5) Keep the variety of healty snacks handy: fruit, yogurt, sunflower seeds.
6) Do not eat 4 hours before bedtime.
7) Eat breakfast.
8) Move! If You do not have time for time-separated physical training, do exercises while you're waiting. Waiting for the water in kattle to boil, make 10 sit downs, jump, or make some push-ups.
9) Do not be lazy to play with the kids actively. Both sides will benefit from it and add to this You'll  strengthen your friendships .
10) Consume less sugar and fat! Always! Little fat and sugar is necessary for body, but as a rule, most absorbs more than it actually needed.
11) If you feel like having some dessert, then only during the first half of the day when our metabolism is the most active.
12) Enjoy your food, eat slowly, savor. Gather Your dearest for a communal meal. Share the good news. Make meals as pleasant as possible.
This is not the whole list of my rules ... But I will not detain you for a long time!
And for those who do not believe that nutritiuos, healthy food can be tasty, I dedicate these March recipes. So March is under the sign  LIGHT.

Beautiful spring to you and good luck!