About me


About meHello,
My name is Victoria Popin. Happy wife and mother of my daughter Emma, by profession I’m international lawyer,  a cook and gourmet in heart. And this is my cooking site.
Love for the culinary art makes me keep learning, traveling, reading, and to discover new things at different cooking classes.
My culinary achievements, I want to share with you. Here I write about the tried, tested by me, preparation methods, cooking tricks and, of course, publish my best recipes.
You will not find here things that failed, and believe me, there are also many of those. So do not be lazy, do not be afraid, take Your kitchen knife and ahead to the kitchen!

For the cooking success You have to believe in Yourself and be attentive and of course cook with love. There is no good food without love!

Do not be lazy to cook for You and Your dearest people. Tasting sensations are so strong, making us richer and happier. Remember Your last travel? I’m sure that some delicious treat You had had during the trip is coming to Your mind. Or what was the taste of Your childhood?

Create such memories at Your kitchen!  

About copying:
If you want to use a recipe or photo, be sure to get my permission, because I will consider it a theft and violation of my copyrights.
I do not bite. If You like to publish my recipe on Your site, let me know and be sure to post a link to it.